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       Latest News!

       Sale in Webstore for Players who double
       or are looking for Cornet, Piccolo, Flugelhorn,
       or Valve Trombone

I have added a NEW Solista Flugel in all Rose Brass except valve body - super warm and smooth. Selling for $699.00

    This website will make you a better player and a better musician!

Search through hundreds of pages of pictures, education, and creative tools for your enrichment.

I have studied with and played for the most prominent names in the trumpet world, including Doc Severinsen, Claude Gordon, Bud Brisbois, Pete Candoli.
 I have taught thousands of players of all ages. In person, clinics around the world, and via Skype.

The legacy here is continued from men like Claude Gordon, Bud Brisbois, Walter M. Smith, Herbert L. Clarke, J.B.Arban, Roy Stevens, and Renold Schilke.

No trumpet gimmicks, just solid fundamental exercises, building a broad base for any type of playing. I teach to develop Mind - Air - Lips - Tongue - Fingers - Flexibility - Musicianship.

Enjoy this website resource and pass it on to your fellow trumpet players.

Welcome one and all, George Rawlin    click to hear a sample of my playing


Have you checked out the AirPlay video and PDF  Trumpet/Cornet method?
This series of videos lays out the proper way to establish your embouchure
and much much more. Hundreds of files and videos.
All downloadable from your very own web storage box.

Introducing my new Book 
Trumpet Workouts    $39.95 in the webstore

Approximately 240 pages of trumpet workout music. Not an instructional book. Just a tool for building chops. for novice players to professionals You know books that give you an exercise then tell you to "transpose to all keys". This one has them written out. A challenge for strength reading range sound flexibility etc.